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Public policy reforms and indigenous forest governance: The case of the Yuracaré people in Bolivia

Abastract Rosario León, Patricia Uberhuaga, Jean Paul Benavides, Krister Andersson The recent surge in the efforts to reform forest governance-both through decentralisation and tenure reforms-has been coupled by an increase in empirical studies that assess the virtues and limitations of the new regimes. Despite an increasing body of literature, however, there is still limited knowledge about the effects

La descentralización forestal y el ejercicio de los derechos de propiedad forestal: un análisis de comunidades indígenas en Bolivia

Autores: Uberhuaga, P., Rosario, L, Andersson, K., Benavides, JP. Resumen Las políticas de descentralización forestal en Bolivia, implementadas desde 1996, han logrado importantes procesos de devolución de derechos a pueblos indígenas y comunidades locales, otorgándoles prioridad en el uso y aprovechamiento de los recursos forestales. Sin embargo, todavía no se ha analizado en detalle el

Why do Some Communities Have Better Forests than Others? The Effects of Self-Governance Institutions on Forest Conditions in Bolivia

Autores: Andersson K., Benavides, JP., Rosario, L., y Uberhuaga, P. Resumen A growing body of scholarship on common-pool-resource governance has shown that a tragedy of the commons may be averted through the self-organization of natural resource users. Research on community governance of forests has found a systematic relationship between the strength of self-organized monitoring and